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Planning SharePoint 2010 User Profile Synchronization

User Profile Properties Planning worksheet ( .xls download ) Should be used with the Plan user profiles, Plan for profile synchronization, and Configure profile synchronization topics on TechNet.

Connection Planning worksheet ( .xls download ) Specifies information that you will need to gather for each directory service with which you will synchronize profile information. It should be used with the Plan for profile synchronization and Configure profile synchronization topics on TechNet.

External Content Types Planning worksheet ( .xls download ) Should be used with the Plan for profile synchronization topic on TechNet if you need to synchronize user profiles with business systems.

Profile Synchronization Planning worksheet ( .xls download ) Profile sync worksheet tab of the specifies information that you might need to gather if you have not already configured the SharePoint Server infrastructure. It is used with the Configure profile synchronization topic on TechNet. The Property mapping worksheet tab is obsolete; it has been replaced by the User Profile Properties Planning worksheet. NOTE: When performing the intital setup, it's important to remember that MS best practice is to not have your Active Directory Domain Controller on the same server as SharePoint. So you need to follow a different path if you are using a dev server with AD and SQL all wrapped into the one server, than if you would be deploying to a production setup with AD DC on a separate server. Spence Harbar in particular notes this in a few places but it will confuse the hell out of you with the AD setup requirements unless you understand the distinct setup paths required for both scenarios.

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