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User Profile Synch SharePoint 2010 - The Essential Mix

  1. Why does UPS get “stuck on starting”?

  2. Incorrect Permissions

  3. UPS Provisioning quits immediately after hitting Start in Services on Server

  4. NetBIOS Domain Name and Fully Qualified Domain Name don’t match

  5. Using a SQL Server Named Instance

  6. Starting UPS after creating the User Profile Service Application using Windows PowerShell

  7. Running Central Administration over SSL

  8. Timeouts when creating Synchronization Connections

  9. After a server restart, the UPS service instance is stopped

  10. After the installation of Cumulative Updates, the UPS service instance needs to be provisioned.

  11. When attempting to Manage the UPA, you receive an error, Not Found, Correlation ID: , or Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ResourceManagement’

  12. After the installation of the August CU, Event ID 3 is repeatedly logged to the Application Event Log

  13. After clicking start in Services on Server, nothing happens for 20 minutes and UPS is not provisioned. No ILM Configuration steps are logged to ULS.

  14. How to view progress of UPS provisioning

  15. How to reset the Sync Machine Instance

  16. Stuck on Starting and ULS logs event 9i1w: ILM Configuration: Error ‘ERR_CONFIG_DB’

  17. Cannot create a Synchronization Connection with multiple domains after installing the December 2010 CU

  18. The User Profile Synchronization service instance is Stopped after installing the June 2010 CU

  19. Profile Synchronization fails after installing the June 2011 CU

  20. Profile Synchronization fails after installing the June 2011 CU when .NET 4.0 is installed on the server

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