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Join the #CodeGeneration Movement

  1. Coding Challenges: For the next five weeks, Microsoft will be issuing coding challenges at Students who complete these weekly challenges will have the chance to win points towards prizes while learning the basics of coding; and parents and teachers can find resources to help them lead students in these challenges themselves.

  2. “Hour of Code” Sessions: As a founding corporate supporter of, Microsoft is offering free Preparation Webinars with live chat for questions and answers on November 24 and December 1.  Ready to hold your own Hour of Code with your students – download your toolkit today and lead them through a Minecraft tutorial.  Or schedule a field trip to a local Microsoft Retail Stores during Computer Science Education Week to give young developers the opportunity to learn coding. For more info, please visit the In-Store event section at a store near you.Spread the word!

  3. Share this campaign with the youth in your organization and have them engage in the coding challenges at

  4. Share the launch video and amplify the movement on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the hashtags #codegeneration #youthspark.

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