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SharePoint Online Search Word Breaking

  1. SharePoint Online search “verticals” (Result Sources) determines the source of the search and characteristics of the query logic. We can also create Custom Result Sources.

  2. Out of the box Result Sources, are mapped to Managed Properties, which are in essence “columns” of search data. As with Result Sources, there are out of the box managed properties, and we also can create our own.

  3. The Search Query component tokenization process splits the stream of text retrieved from the managed properties into individual words (tokens) at the time of a query which includes word breaking, stemming, query spellchecking and the native thesaurus capabilities.

  4. This tokenization will only take place if the following setting on the specific Managed Property being searched is turned off:

  5. Since we cannot directly modify the out of the box Managed Properties, we are bound to whatever those properties have set for Complete Matching, as the first factor in Word Breaking being applied or not.

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