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MSDN Library Welcome to the MSDN Library, an essential source of information for developers using Microsoft® tools, products, technologies and services. The MSDN Library includes how-to and reference documentation, sample code, technical articles, and more. To find the content you need, browse the table of contents, use search, or use a Quick Link to jump to some of the most popular areas of the library. To get the latest MSDN headlines sent to you via e-mail. Sign up for the MSDN Flash Newsletter.

Quick Links


Quick Links provide an easy way to jump to the information you are most likely looking for. We’re just testing the idea out right now, so please take a few minutes and give us some feedback on Quick Links.

Developer quick links


Windows Store apps | API reference | Samples | Downloads

Internet Explorer | Docs | Samples | Downloads

Desktop | API reference | Samples | Downloads

Hardware | Driver docs | Samples | Downloads

Windows Phone

Windows Phone development | API reference | Code samples | How tos

Silverlight for Windows Phone | API reference | Code samples

XNA Framework | API reference | Code samples


Apps for Office and SharePoint | Docs | Samples | Downloads | Videos

What's new in Office | Video

What's new in SharePoint | Video

Create apps by using "Napa" Office 365 development tools


Windows Azure | API reference

Windows Azure SQL Database | API reference | How Tos

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio


XNA | API reference | Code samples


ASP.NET | API reference | Code samples

ASP.NET MVC | API reference

Silverlight | API reference | Code samples

HTML | API reference | How tos

CSS | API reference | How tos

JavaScript (as of IE9) | API reference | How tos

Internet Explorer | Docs | Samples | Downloads


SQL Server | API reference

ADO.NET | Code samples

ADO.NET Entity Framework | API reference | Code samples

WCF Data Services

WCF RIA Services

LINQ | Code samples | Walkthroughs

Windows Azure SQL Database | API reference | How tos

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