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Visual Studio 2010 - The project type is not supported by this installation.

The error: The project type is not supported by this installation. This error generally means that the project type you are trying to open is not supported in that Visual Studio Installation. :) Reasons this situation could come about is an improper sequence of Visual Studio add-on installs/patching, or simply having built the project on one VS install and opening it on another. Solutions: 1. Check whether the VS2010 product you installed supports web development Please see: For VS2010 Express products: For VS1010 retail products: (Expand the node of "Product Feature") 2. If you're running VS2010 retail products Professional edition, Premium Edition, check Help Menu > About Microsoft Visual Studio > Installed products? Please check whether "Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010" has been installed properly. 3. Delete the If those 2 steps fail to yield a result, do what I did - open the Visual Studio project file .csproj for example in notepad, remove the values in the node, save and open again. So, (in my project), I deleted the GUID values from the following node: so it became: the file and open project again in Visual Studio. Project subsequently works.

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