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SharePoint MVP


I am now a Microsoft SharePoint MVP. A big thanks goes out to all my mentors & heroes  in the world of Microsoft technologies- Sean & the itgroove team, Yaroslav Pentsarsky, Bjoern Rapp, Stephen Cawood, John Mitchell, Stefan Kamphuis, Erik van Ballegoij & all the Dotnetnuke folks, Chris Plasun, Tim Austin, the MSFT staff on the MSDN forums, Mark Russinovich, Joel Oleson, Spencer Harbar, Marc Anderson, Tobias Zimmerman, Randy Drisgill, Todd Klindt (& more!). Special thanks goes to my dad, Brian, for supporting me from first computer in 1990 (and putting up with all the trouble my hacking and phone phreaking got me into), onto BCIT & then into global business. Thanks of course to Microsoft for running the MVP program - it is an extremely worthwhile system that bridges the gap between community, technology & business.

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