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Office 365 Custom App Launcher Tiles feature being deployed now

Add a custom tile to the My apps page

  1. Choose Company Profile in the left navigation.

  1. Choose Custom tiles.

  2. Choose

to create a new custom tile. This opens the Add or edit a custom tile window.

  1. Enter a Tile name for the new tile. The name will appear in the tile.

  2. Enter a URL for the tile. This is the location where you want your users to go when they select the tile. Tip   If you’re creating a tile for a SharePoint site, navigate to that site, copy the URL, and paste it here. The URL of your default team site looks like this: https://<company_name>

  3. Enter a Description for the tile. You see this when you select the tile on the My apps page and choose App details.

  4. Enter an Image URL for the tile. The image appears on the My apps page and app launcher. Tip   The image should be 50x50 pixels, stored in SharePoint Online, and shared with everyone. You can, for example, put it in a library on your team site then generate an anonymous guest link and use that as the URL. If you can't generate an anonymous link, make sure external sharing is enabled in SharePoint Online.

  5. Choose Submit to create the custom tile. Your custom tile now appears on the My apps page for you and your users..

To add the custom tile to the app launcher

  1. Select the app launcher icon

Add custom tile window
  1. Select the ellipsis and choose Pin to app launcher.

Edit a custom tile

  1. In the Office 365 admin center, choose Company Profile in the left navigation.

  2. Choose Custom tiles.

  3. Select a custom tile and choose Edit tile.

  1. Update the Tile name, URL, Description, or Image URL for the custom tile (see earlier description).

  2. Choose Submit. To delete a custom tile, follow steps 1-3, choose Remove tile and then Delete.

What's next? In addition to adding tiles to the app launcher, you can add app launcher tiles to the Office 365 navigation bar (learn more). To customize the look and feel of Office 365 to match your organization’s brand, see Customize the Office 365 theme.

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