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Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference Day 2 - On Now! (free)

A big thank you to those of you who joined us for the Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference Day 1.  For those of you who logged on early to see Steve Guggenheimer’s keynote, you’ll know that we experienced an unfortunate technical issue during the keynote address, which resulted in it not being broadcast.

The good news: although you couldn’t see the session, we kept the cameras rolling.  As a result, while the rest of the videos from vConf won’t be ready, we have worked all day to make an archive recording of his address available to you, today.  You can now view the keynote at your convenience here or tune in here for a streamed broadcast of the keynote tomorrow, Friday, May 15th at 7 AM PDT.  This won’t interrupt your conference schedule as it will be played before the start of the first regularly scheduled session.

Please be sure to join us for Day 2 for some more amazing content and to catch Guggs’ keynote!

Thank you,

Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference Team

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