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BHOLD for ForeFront

  1. FIM 2010 R2,

  2. Microsoft BHOLD Suite, Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM 2010) 2010 enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of user identities and their associated credentials. It can be configured to synchronize identities, centrally manage certificates and passwords, and provision users across heterogeneous systems. With FIM 2010, IT organizations can define and automate the processes used to manage identities from creation to retirement. Microsoft BHOLD Suite extends these capabilities of FIM 2010 by adding role-based access control to FIM 2010, enabling organizations to define user roles and to control access to sensitive data and applications in a way that is appropriate for those roles. BHOLD Suite includes services and tools that simplify the modeling of the role relationships within the organization, map those roles to rights, and to verify that the role definitions and associated rights are correctly applied to users. These capabilities are fully integrated with FIM 2010, providing a seamless experience for end users and IT staff alike. This guide helps you understand how BHOLD Suite works with FIM 2010 and covers the following topics:

  3. Role-based access control

  4. Attestation

  5. Analytics

  6. Reporting

  7. FIM integration

  8. FIM provisioning

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